I'm not going to pretend to be a expert at calling anything with a mouth call. I may not be an expert with any mouth calls but there are things I do know about wild hogs and calling that can answer the common questions about calling wild feral hogs.

First of all, I know that when it comes to calling wild animals of any kind you need to know their language and you need to have a call that can mimic those sounds. It's that way with turkey, it's that way with duck, and I can assure you, it's that way with hogs.

They have a language and a social behavior that is very highly developed. No mouth call on the market today, that I have been introduced to, can accurately duplicate the vocalizations of the wild hog other than a squealing piglit. Some grunt calls may sound close when we humans hear them, but the hogs know better! In most cases all those grunt calls will do is scare'm away.

**All calls I have used or witnessed being used were used both on preserves and on free ranging hogs. Hogs were always within hearing range, and many times in plain sight.**

Some calls on the market can gain the curiosity of a wild hog, rabbit squealers will sometimes bring in a hog and there are a couple of pig squealers that I have seen bring in a hog or two. Most often these calls do not work. Grunters are the worst of all. They are nothing more than deer grunts with a hog photo stuck on them. None of them have proven to me to be even close to the vocalizations/grunts of a wild hog. Furthermore, the ones I have used and watched being used made grunts that were closest to the *warning grunts* used by wild hogs. That aint no good!!

Electronic recordings of actual hogs hold more promise and have worked for me in the past. Not very often but they have worked. The pig squealing will work most often. "Hogs feeding" works on occasion, but fails on more occasions.
In closing, I would say that any hunter who buys a call thinking they can carry it to the woods and make it work without extensive practice, and a knowledge of what sounds to make is spitting in the wind. You're more likely to scare them off than call them in. So far all practical purposes, hog calls are a waste of time and money.